In the busy, growing city of Bellevue, we pause on Thursday afternoons to come together as a community to exchange food, recipes, and smiles. Rain or shine, we educate the next generation of eaters, offer access programs for our low-income neighbors, and provide a venue for local small businesses to thrive

Your funding:

  • provides shade and seats to neighbors gathering around live music, 

  • allows a child to discover their love for radishes, 

  • advertises the market to new shoppers, 

  • helps curate a well-rounded, dependable assortment of quality vendors, 

  • gives a shopper on EBT access to fresh produce and a healthier life, 

  • lets the Board imagine market expansion, 

  • shows that you care about BFM being a key part of the Bellevue experience.

Will you help ensure that BFM will be excellent today, tomorrow, forever?