Our neighborhood musicians create a fun, festive, and welcoming space while customers peruse the stalls or sit and eat in the sun with friends. We are so grateful for their presence week to week throughout the season!

We are always looking for musicians to busk at the market. Each of our markets hosts anywhere from 1,000 – 1,500 visitors each week and musicians are welcome to sign up for any time slot within the market hours. (Please note that our market does not own a PA system, but there is access to electricity). During the time that musicians are playing, they are also welcome to collect tips and sell merchandise.

On the week leading up to a musician’s scheduled date at our market, we will promote their upcoming presence on our Facebook page and through our weekly email newsletters.

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Please list what date(s), time, length of set you are interested in playing at the market.
If you do not have a website, please describe the musical style you play.