The Power Of Produce (POP) Club is a nationally recognized program designed to empower kids to make healthy food choices and introduce them to where their food comes from.  


How the club works:

It’s FREE to sign up and participate in the POP Club at the Bellevue Farmers Market! POP Club will be available each week of the market during the season. Children ages 3-12 are welcome to sign up at the market's POP Club tent (next to the Information Booth at the main market entrance.)

Participants will each have a “Passport to Health” to log attendance and completion of weekly activities. The more stamps in the passport, the greater the reward at the end of the program. Passports are kept at the market so participants don’t have to remember to bring them back each week.

There are three weekly facets of the POP Club:

  • Two Bite Challenge: kids try two bites of a new fruit/vegetable when they check in. Even if they don't like what they eat, they still get a stamp for being brave and trying something new.

  • After the Two Bite Challenge, kids receive $2 in market tokens to spend on produce at the market. Vendors that accept these tokens are designated with a "POP Tokens Accepted Here" sign on their booths.

  • Weekly activities are offered based around food, nutrition, healthy living, gardening, and more. Want to know what activity we will have at POP Club each week? Sign up for our weekly market newsletter or follow us on Facebook.

The benefits of this program are wide-reaching:

  • Farmers benefit from POP customers buying fresh produce directly from them at the farmers market.

  • POP Kids are empowered to make healthy food choices on their own by having the direct buying power and learn financial literacy using the $2 tokens. Through both the Two-Bite Challenge and market activities they get exposure healthy food options that will be foundational to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Interested in helping out? BFM is always seeking volunteers to help run activities. Learn more on our volunteer page.


Want to keep this program going and growing? Consider becoming a POP Club sponsor or donating to the Bellevue Farmers Market. Checks can be made out to Bellevue Farmers Market with (POP Club in memo line) or give on our donation page. All donations are tax deductible. Please mail checks to Bellevue Farmers Market, 1717 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue WA 98004.

Check in at POP Club Booth

Check in at POP Club Booth

Comparative cherry tasting and pit spit activity

Comparative cherry tasting and pit spit activity

POP Club kids get to know farmers at BFM firsthand

POP Club kids get to know farmers at BFM firsthand

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