10 Must-Have, Last-Chance Thursday Market Goodies

The last Thursday Bellevue Farmers Market of the season always causes a little burst of panic in me, equalled (or surpassed) only by the last Saturday Market of the season. My husband makes fun of me for my unwillingness to drive across the bridge, and how he always has to convince me to go into Seattle, but there it is--I will not see many of the Thursday vendors until the 2013 season. (Lori, please do comment below if I have any of the following wrong--it will be welcome news!)


Billy's, roasting peppers. Last chance this Thursday!

I figure this Thursday, October 11, will be my last chance on:

  1. Cider and Asian pears from Rockridge Orchards. And the sunshine has lasted so long that we haven't even heated up any of their luscious apple cider with spices! I plan to grab some jugs to hoard.
  2. Pretzels and cookies from Tall Grass Bakery and,
  3. The apricot-pecan bread from Preston Hill Bakery. The latter toasted with cream cheese is out of this world. And my one exception to not wanting to cross the bridge might come in December because I absolutely need a loaf of Preston Hill's stollen, where every pocket of almond paste is like a present. The advent calendar of Christmas breads.
  4. Cheese curds and flavored butters and Queso con Salsa or Cheddar with Sun-Dried Tomatoes from Golden Glen Creamery!
  5. Eggs, meat, and poultry from Skagit River Ranch. Yes, you can sign up for their monthly Bellevue Buyers Club delivery, but I try to load up because the first delivery won't be until November. We also lose another egg-provider, Growing Things Farm, but I'm happy to report Millingwood Organics offers eggs on Saturday.
  6. Kale chips from House of the Sun. Yes, I know you can make your own at home, but I have yet to bother...
  7. Goat cheeses from Tieton Farm and Creamery. You've tried the feta by now, right?
  8. All those luscious caramels from Jonboy. Stock up for hostess gifts this fall. I never met a flavor there I didn't like.
  9. Soap from Growing Things Farm. Bought a bar of the citrus soap and loved it. Another great hostess gift.
  10. The tamales from Hermosa Mexican Foods. Once upon a time I took a tamale-making class, and that was the last time I made tamales. I'm leaving it to the experts.
Forgot to mention this focaccia bread at Preston Hill...

Don't miss out! We'll see you this Thursday, from 3-7. After that, I hope you'll check out the Bellevue Saturday Market, if you haven't already. Some familiar vendors, some new ones, and always a few dogs!