And Now We Come to the End (of Thursdays)

Don't know about you, but this is where panic sets in for me. I love having two opportunities to hit the Bellevue Farmers Market "in case I forget something," or I didn't buy enough of the fabulous peaches to get us through the weekend, much less a week.

It's not this bad, right? First world problem. First world problem.

But here we are: the Last Thursday Market of the Season. You must get yourself there. In past years, some farmers and vendors have crossed over to Saturdays (Lori--any comments here?), but just in case, it's time to stock up.

Here's the current list of "Thursday only" vendors and a few suggestions for you:

The Box on Wheels - ANYTHING they sell, but we especially love the bao and the mini bagel burger

Cascade Natural Honey Company - have you tried the Baby's Breath honey? Delightful.
DERU Market - last call on a "muddled" drink or those tasty baked goods!

Holmquist Hazelnuts - the flavored nuts are great to have on hand for kids and guests

House of the Sun - perfectly seasoned, crisp kale chips

Little Prague Bakery - pick a flavor, any flavor

Pete's Perfect Butter Toffee - the perfect hostess gift

Preston Hill Bakery - are you a fan of the chocolate bread?

River Farm - roasted bell peppers!!!

Samish Bay Meat and Cheese - don't let a season go by without some Ladysmith or Greek yogurt

Skagit River Ranch - yes, you can sign up online for the monthly Bellevue Buyers Club, but you're going to need to stock up on bacon to get you to November...

Tiny's Organic - loving the Asian pears

Two if By Seafoods - half of our wild salmon equation

Veraci Pizza has made the jump to Saturdays before. One can only hope.

Willie Green's - the crowd and ever-present line speak for themselves

Yeng Garden and Yang Garden, the yin and yang of our flower- and vegetable-growing farmers. Don't miss the flowers and giant carrots!

For you, our Thursday farmers and vendors

There you have it. Make your lists and we'll see you there from 3-7.