Los Chilangos

Boo! Time is Flying...

The aptly named "Brain Squash" (ugh!)

Hope you picked up the fixings for your Halloween party last Saturday at the Market, while enjoying your newly free parking at the neighboring Barnes & Noble! Martin Family Orchards featured a squash-a-ganza alongside their plentiful fruits, including that nasty one pictured above. I didn't even ask if it was edible (I'm sure it is), but the party game might have been who would dare to cut into it. Blech.

Not all the squashes I saw were so aesthetically challenged:

And a downright bee-yooty!

'Tis the season for squash. In soups, roasted, in a souffle--any old way. I can even get two of my kids to eat it, if I do it up Thanksgiving-style, with pralines and marshmallows.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we have only four Markets left to close out the season, four Saturdays leading up to the Big Event, otherwise known as the day before Black Friday. And there are some things you won't want to miss before they're gone.

1. You have eaten from the Los Chilangos van, right? Across my family we've eaten the Huarache, the tacos, and the quesadilla with carnitas. Oh my word. Delicious like you can't believe.

Or maybe, as the weather turns chilly, your thoughts turn toward Hawaii and that trip you're not taking. Well--at least send your taste buds to the Islands, by checking out the new truck:

It's been getting some press, including this detailed review by the Accidental Eater. According to him, the "Loco Moco" is the can't-miss dish I'll have to try this weekend (my 10YO chose Los Chilangos last week). If a ground beef patty, sauteed onions, gravy, and a fried egg over rice aren't your thing (for which I may have to unfriend you), the truck offers plenty of other tastebud journeys.

Wash your meal down with water, sure, but even better would be some of the fresh apple cider at Martin Family Orchards.

You'll still have plenty to take home and heat with cinnamon sticks on the stove! So make your shopping lists and come out this Saturday. Lots of dishes for the Big Feast freeze ahead nicely, like apple pies or green bean casserole, or loaves of artisan bread, one for eating and one for ripping up into stuffing...

How to Do the Saturday Market

Summer = houseguests.

At least for us. With family in town these past several days (of whom three of the visitors were kids 15 and under), we were looking for activities that provided (1) fresh air, (2) some exercise, and (3) food. Hooray for the Bellevue Farmers Market!

If you're expecting guests or just want to do the Saturday Market up right, I've got two steps for you.

WALK OR PARK. The new downtown location is wonderful! I included a map in my last post, but the easiest way to describe it is on the street between Lincoln Square and CPK, opening into Compass Plaza in front of the Tap House and Rock Bottom. We parked at Bellevue Square, having other business there, and strolled past the Bellevue Arts Museum. So easy, and it felt like the summer street fairs! In fact, here's the map from the Arts Museum website:

COME HUNGRY. The good thing about there being so many of us was that we were able to sample lots of the Saturday offerings.

(Pic stolen from Yelp because I ate my dish before I remembered to photograph it)

The Los Chilangos food truck serves up delicious, fresh Mexican food. I'd seen the truck parked during the week at 1829 130th Avenue in Bellevue, so I was thrilled to give it a try.

Next week we'll have to hit the other truck:

A Marketgoer, preparing to thrive

Thrive offers organic, vegetarian food, including smoothies, salads and bowls.

Then there's Midori Bakery--


Baking incognito at Midori Bakery

The picture's lousy (photo credit: yours truly), but the baked goods divine. We ate the perfect soft pretzels and my son had the ham and cheese croissant. All gone. All good.

On the side we enjoyed Collins' Chelan cherries--

Sweeter than the Rainiers I got on Thursday. I think we went through three pounds, lickety-split. (Their Fuji apples are worth getting, too--crunchy and sweet.)

Followed by cleverly-named Yippie-Pie-Yay:


Hand pies are a wonderful invention. And the perfect size, so you have an excuse to say, "Get your own!" Loved the peach-bourbon and blueberry flavors.

And ending with Hedgehog Toffee. Now, both this toffee and Thursday's Pete's Perfect Toffee are better than any you'll get in the stores, but I especially appreciated Hedgehog's compostable packaging. Being on an anti-plastic kick, I love to see the brown paper!

Finally, the Market wouldn't be the Market without food items you can't find elsewhere. Saturday offers plenty of pastured eggs and even duck and turkey eggs! When I don't have my family with me, I'll get you more details on that...

In the meantime, finish off whatever you have left in the crisper and prepare to re-load at our two Markets!