The Brewmaster's Bakery

Waste Not, Want Not

My kids will tell you I hate wasting food. We are not one of those families that throws away $1,365-2,275 worth of food per year. Why should we, when limp celery can be thrown in soup, or twice-eaten baked beans can be added to taco filling? Yes, my Empty-the-Fridge Tortilla Soup might draw some groans, but it takes care of the 1/2 cup of leftover pork roast, 1/2 cup of burned crock-pot beef, and 1/2 cup of Thai Peanut Pork that no one was going to eat.

So you can understand how happy I am to see Saturday Market vendor The Brewmaster's Bakery. You know--the guys next to the cherries and apricots, who put out little dog biscuits for your furry friends.

Fresh from the Brewmaster

The Brewmaster's Bakery makes its products from "spent grain," the grains left over after brewers have used them to make beer. These might include barley, wheat, corn, rice, rye, or oats. What a great idea! For centuries, most brewers would give the spent grain to farmers for feed, but, as we know, what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the one who might eat the goose.

The granolas

All those spent grains have been "turned into goodies" like granola and cookies by our friends, and the granolas have been given exciting names. If you have trouble waking up in the morning, maybe it's because you could use a bowl of "Your Spicy Mistress" granola, which the website describes thus:

pecans and dried ginger with accents of black pepper and a bite of cayenne pepper. This is especially perfect for the beer lover in your life. The granola starts off mildly sweet and then hits you with a nice kick to the caboose which only makes you drink more beer. You’ll tell people it’s because you’re a manly man that can handle your spicy mistress, but we all know it’s to kill her sting.

Yowza! Or maybe you prefer "Check Out My Coconuts" flavor,

sweetened shredded coconut and milk chocolate added to our base granola will give you that island feel that makes you want to feel up some coconuts! 

Have no fear, however. There are a few items you can order without blushing, or that you could give as a gift without getting slapped across the face. I saw one woman buying "hop salt," which she said she was going to sprinkle on grilled steak.

Hop o' my tongue

This product is described as "sea salt infused with local amarillo hops." I have no idea what amarillo hops are, but I'm betting they're worlds tastier than armadillo hops.

Reduce, reuse, recycle! As anyone who's tried to reduce food intake can tell you, it's not a viable long-term strategy. But "reuse" and "recycle" are, and The Brewmaster's Bakery is on the leading edge.

Ya never know what will turn up at the Market (besides the freshest, most seasonal produce and awesome pastured meats, I mean). Enjoy, and have a great week.