Till We Meat Again

Disaster struck last week. Something went awry with my Skagit River Ranch online order, meaning that, when I checked by twice to pick them up from the Bellevue Buyers Club location, there was no delivery for me. Eek! No farm-fresh eggs! No pastured beef or happy pork! No chicken! Not till February, unless I want to brave the U District Market some Saturday.

As if Sugar-Free January weren't crappy enough. Sighing grievously, I stopped by QFC to pick up some organic beef. I even briefly considered buying the ground buffalo because I knew that at least was grass-fed. Who knew what organic corn and nastiness went into the "organic beef"? But buffalo taco salad gave me pause, so I went with the mystery meat. It was fine. Not Skagit, but fine. I drained the fat, which I never bother to do with George and Eiko's product.

With only two pounds of ground pork between me and de facto vegetarianism, it looks like I'll be visiting one of the Puget Sound's year-round farmers markets. How I wish and wish there were a year-rounder on the Eastside, since Seattle parking drives me bananas. (I was born and raised in the suburbs. So sue me.) U District is held on Saturdays, and Ballard, Fremont, and West Seattle duke it out on Sundays. Care to join me?

And as a P.S., check this link to the nutritional superiority of pastured milk over conventional. If in doubt, Organic Valley is both pastured and Northwest local!