Christmas Ideas 2014

We've been going Amish this Christmas. Not out of any life philosophy, but rather due to the fact that everything technological in the house (and a thing or two biological) is breaking down. The microwave is out of commission. The toaster oven is only toasting the back end of whatever you insert. Even Manifold Destiny is out because the Subaru is leaking an awful gas smell (after having been "repaired" of the issue last week).

Remember this? A brilliant idea only a guy could come up with

Nevertheless, it's my annual Christmas gift post, and, thank heaven, the regular oven still works. Check out these puppies:

Those would be "Megan's Sugar Cookies," which I posted about here. I tend to get stuck in gift ruts, so the neighbors will find a few sugar cookies on their annual plates.

And a friend came by yesterday bearing a gift. I was empty-handed, but fortunately I was also in the process of making granola, and she went away with a baggie-ful. This was the granola I traditionally give out to some of my husband's co-workers, and which I posted here.

NOT how yesterday's was presented, but you get the idea

If you're into no-bake this Christmas, give my "Payraise Bars" a try. In fact--SPOILER ALERT--this is what my husband's co-workers are getting this year instead of the usual granola, and you can find the recipe here.

And finally, if you'd rather they did some of the cooking, you can always give them a new cookbook and get a concrete date on the calendar for a potluck dinner. I'm still plugging this cookbook because I use it at least once a week:

Imagine how often I'd use it if I actually were vegetarian!

The kale salad new to this edition is pretty tasty! And you still can't beat her pico de gallo, butternut squash souffle, tomato tart, and stir-fried vegetables with fermented black beans. I know everyone gets their recipes online nowadays, including me many times, but I still go back to a handful of cookbooks, and it's a lot less alarming if I spill/splatter/drip on them, rather than my laptop.

Merry Christmas (or Christmas-Alternative) to all. I'll be taking Christmas Eve off, but then I'll come roaring back with the usual get-your-food-life-in-gear New Year's post!