Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Somebody stole summer. I don't think I was alone in imagining (unrealistically, but nevertheless) that the sun and warmth would last till October 1.

But no.

The clouds have returned, and I am thinking of trying to interest Tim Eyman in backing an initiative for a High-Pressure Tax. That is, all of us Washington taxpayers pony up to construct an enormous contraption that raises air pressure over the state and blows all the clouds and crud into Canada and Oregon, where they will be better appreciated.

Call me a genius, but I'm picturing something like this

In the meantime, I shivered my way through the Saturday Market for the first time last week and made some discoveries worth sharing.

This poor woman was selling ice cream sandwiches. I've been a sucker for ice cream sandwiches from the first It's It and cheap 7-11 Neapolitan versions of my childhood, but not on days when my hand would turn blue as I held the thing, and drizzle drizzled into it. However, I tuck this info nugget away because the day will surely come when the sun beats down again, and my only fear will be if I can finish it before it melts.

Artificial warmth could be had, however. If you haven't noticed, the number of wine and cider vendors at our Markets has increased, and they're offering samples! I noticed Eaglemount, a near neighbor of last year's Finnriver, had quite the array of hard ciders.

Beautifully bottled--great hostess gift!

I would have stopped to sample, but that too will have to wait for another day, because I was drawn irresistibly to the vendor right beside Eaglemount, lured by the savory, luscious, sausage-and-garlic scent.

The WiseGuy was indeed wise, to whip up such a batch of hot, aromatic yumminess on such a cold day. What better than a meatball sandwich wrapped in nothing but some foil and a napkin? It was a combination lunch/handwarmer!

First he stirred up the goods...

and then he jammed it inside a baguette, the innards of which had already been pressed down to the bottom by a special, baguette-rammer device. Amazing. I think we are witnessing the cool-weather equivalent to the invention of the ice cream cone. Yes, I did still manage to drop some down my front, but nothing that a little cold water and soap couldn't get off. And it was SO worth it.

Once my stomach was full and my hands were warm, I was then able to stop and smell the peonies (and daisies and other flowers).

And to linger over the

and the

Confession: this pic is from Thursday, but you know what I mean.

No matter the weather, this Thursday and Saturday the Market offerings can warm your insides or cool your fevered brow. We may even come to be grateful for the meteorological variations, for allowing us to try everything the Markets have to offer!