Double Up on the Farmers Market!

Ahh...June. To paraphrase Keats, the season of mellow forgetfulness is now upon us. Meaning, the Bellevue Farmers Market will be open on Thursdays AND Saturdays, starting this week! Meaning, you can come home from the Market on Thursdays and not clap your hand to your forehead saying, "Dang it! I forgot to get _________________!"

Saturday's Market will be in a new location:

That would be NE 6th Street and Compass Plaza (next to the Bellevue Arts Museum and Galleria). Not only can you grab something at the mall or catch a movie, but you can pick up something delicious to eat on the spot or cook later. Remember, the hours will be 10-3.

What will we find at the Market this week? How about...

Strawberries! First of the season. Now we have something to pair with that in-season rhubarb. I would have made shortcake except we ate them all instantly. 

Check out the deal on plant starts I saw at Hedlin. On the far left you might make out "Hornet," which, according to Kai, is a reddish lettuce that's Romaine in its characteristics. They had herbs, too. My husband just put in the garden this week, and you couldn't ask for better weather to get it going. If you're one to complain about the price of organic produce, now might be the time to grow some of your own. Pick the thing you eat most and give it a whirl!

My humble picture of these poppies doesn't do them justice. They were neon in brightness. Eye-catching. Eye-watering. If you promised to meet someone with a red carnation in your lapel, opt for one of these puppies (poppies) and blow them away!

Wow. Just say No to lactose intolerance when Samish Bay is in town. Real yogurt and cheese that will illustrate all too well the difference between mass-produced, storebought products and the artisan alternatives. Greek yogurt from Trader Joe's will never satisfy again.

And lastly, I treated the fam to La Pasta's fresh pappardelle, topped with a homemade Bolognese sauce. Oh, wow. My kids were even willing to eat it left over, which is news in itself. Not that there was any leftover pasta. I had to boil some dried penne to use up the rest of the sauce. Highly recommend.

See you this week on Thursday and Saturday!