Last Market of the Season!

Stolen from someone's blog because they have better presentation

It's that time, folks. Time not only to pull out all the food stops for Thanksgiving, but also to stock up for the long, Market-less winter. Tiny's Organic had a helpful retweet this week on market produce that will keep and how to keep it, from old standbys like squash and potatoes to cabbage and cauliflower!

On my to-do list this week: make homemade rolls to stick in the freezer and fresh cranberry sauce. (Have to--ick!--buy a can as well, for my stepfather, 'cause it ain't cranberry sauce unless it has rings in the side and can be sliced.) Other than those items, I hope to eat local this Thanksgiving. Have you taken the Pledge yet? Puget Sound Fresh has aimed really low, and only asks that you purchase one teensy item locally, so with my Skagit River Ranch turkey, I'm already good to go. The brussels sprouts and potatoes I buy this Saturday are pure frosting. As are any pie pumpkins from Hedlin Farms.

Stumbled upon two luscious things this week that I want to share with you, as well. The first was the Braeburn caramel apples at Jonboy. You have not had a caramel apple until you've had one of these suckers. I had to share it with my daughters (the boy, thankfully, didn't want any), and the 7-yr-old even caught me later in the kitchen sucking every last milligram of caramel off the eaten-down core. Sigh. I can only hope there'll be more this Saturday...

My other tidbit was an appetizer I invented. Usually I'm a recipe modifier, but this one is my own brainstorm: Ladysmith Cheese with Slivered Prunes. Uh huh. Take one slice of Samish Bay's Ladysmith cheese (plain or flavored) and top it with a sliver of those canned pitted prunes. Mmmmm...Getting your fiber never tasted so good. Cracker optional.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Starting next week, the UrbanFarmJunkie goes into off-season mode, meaning I'll be bringing you the latest nutrition and food news I've garnered from trolling cyberspace. Stay tuned.