Loki Online, for Starters

Just FYI, BFMers: our own Loki Fish is offering a 15% discout to first-time online orderers in the New Year. Just type in the code NEWYEAR. They've added shipping options, and of course you will find their delicious line of products. Good news, considering RealAge reports that eating one serving of fish per week will make your "real age" (must be like wind-chill factor) up to 2.7 years younger.

A recent CBS poll finds that only a third of Americans feel "very confident" that the food they buy is safe. I do wonder who fell in that "very confident" bucket, since just the other day I was buying a bag of baby spinach at QFC with misgivings. I hate to get the big tubs of organic because I don't like buying giant pieces of plastic, but if I went with the conventional bag of baby spinach, was I going to be laid low by e Coli? Or was I fooling myself, and it was just as likely that storebought organic could be contaminated, but thankfully with organic cow manure?

At least with spinach I could be sure my children wouldn't eat any. I can't say the same for the downed cows--I mean school lunches--I let each child buy twice a month, out of my laziness and their desire for hot food. I figure the food supply is a game of roulette; by knowing my farmers and food sources some of the time (read: during Bellevue market season), I increase our chances to stay healthy.

Oh, and a final tidbit for those of you who have not yet abandoned your New Year's Resolution to work out: Eating Well blogged about foods that build endurance. The short list? Onions, apples, grapes, berries, cabbage, and broccoli. All contain a certain antioxidant that--in supplement form, at least--helped bikers bike that extra mile. If you go for the onions, just watch out who you do all that extra exhaling around!