Market Opens this Thurs!

The only hard part will be deciding on what to eat--thank heavens the Season runs through October. How else will I manage my usual pizza and crepes and soup and Mexican and then try the new Indian food? Add to that, Skagit River Ranch will be grilling up their delicious burgers on Opening Day.

Alas, it's too soon for berries, but there should be plentiful greens and fresh vegetables from the hothouses. My plan for Friday dinner is a Chef Salad, accompanied by a good sourdough loaf from one of our bakers. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

Bellevue Farmers Market Season Kick-Off Chef Salad

leftover ham from Easter OR Skagit's "ham nuggets" OR a can of F/V St. Jude Tuna, if you're pescatorian
boiled eggs from Skagit River Ranch
fresh lettuce of your choice
hothouse cucumber of your choice
hothouse tomato of your choice
chunked cheese of your choice (I'm thinking Golden Glen cheddar or Queso con Salsa)

Drizzle with dressing of your choice.

See you at the Market! 3-7 p.m., parking lot of the First Presbyterian Church of Bellevue.