Five Things I Love about the New Market Website


Congratulations! If you’re reading this, it means you’ve discovered the new market website, as well as the new location for my UrbanFarmJunkie blog—on the revamped Bellevue Farmers Market website. Now it looks like I’m actually affiliated with the Market, and not just some random Market junkie writing fanfiction over on Blogger. My new home would be Thing #1 I love about the new website. But there's plenty more!

Thing #2 to love: The nice, simple, navigable layout. Market Opening Day? It's there. Hours? Yep. Map? Check.

Thing #3: to love The Vendor list, by category. This might actually be Thing #1 that I love. Much easier to consult when you’re thinking, “What was the name of that booth where I bought the sausages..?” I also love how the vendor name includes a link to their individual website, if they have one.

Thing #4 to love: A place to donate in support of the Market. So say you can’t volunteer, but you’d love to show your appreciation for our farmers and vendors and organizers’ dedication to fresh, local food. We do this by coming to the Market and buying yummies, of course, but we can now also make direct, tax-deductible donations here. And donors who give $50 or more receive a copy of the beautiful Bellevue Farmers Market cookbook.

Thing #5 to love: Did you check out the Poster page yet? The Bellevue Farmers Market has enjoyed some beautiful artwork and design over the years, and you can revisit past posters here.

Our web guy has kindly imported past UrbanFarmJunkie posts to the new site, so bear with me while I learn how to use the bells and whistles of WordPress!

Looking forward to another Market season, right around the corner. In the meantime, check back here or subscribe to keep up with my latest findings on good food, healthy eating, recipes, and food-related book reviews.