One Month to Go


Somehow another Market season has gone whipping by, but before we reach Closing Day on Thursday, October 27, I wanted to mention a few must-tries for your shopping list. Nashi pear.jpg

  1. Asian Pears. Whoa. Martin Family Orchards had them last week, and I made the mistake of only buying three. These guys are juicy, crisp, sweet, and delicious.


  2. Pumpkin Pie pops! This sounds like a treat straight out of Harry Potter. My daughter went with strawberry, but I'm hoping she'll give this one a try in the remaining month.


  3. Adrienne's cherry pie. Now, I've never tasted anything I didn't like from Adrienne's Cakes & Pies, but the little cherry pie she had the other week really hit the spot. Maybe because it'd been years since I had cherry pie (it not being my husband's favorite). No sooner was it gone than I couldn't wait and had to go buy the ingredien ts to make my owncherry pie. I hadn't made a pie in almost a year, but I had to have another cherry pie immediately. That's how good Adrienne's pie was! I also used the promise of homemade cherry pie as a bribe to get my folks up to watch the kids while we're out of town, and it worked. So Adrienne's pie not only inspired me to make pie again, but also improved my life by allowing me to go on a mini-vacation. Top that!


  4. Salmon and grass-fed beef for the freezer and tuna for the pantry. As most of us know by now, Americans get way too many omega-6 fatty acids in the diet, and high omega-6 ratios have been tied to inflammation, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, obesity, depression, and bipolar disorder! In eons past, the ratio of omega-3s to omega-6s we consumed was around 1:1, but with all the vegetable oils, seeds feed to livestock, and processed foods that make up the modern diet, the ratio has skewed to 1:10. Yikes. Fight back with foods high in omega-3s. Lots of fish, yes, but don't forget that grass-fed beef is another omega-3 powerhouse.

Five Markets to go...let's make the most of them.