There's No Place Like Home(made)


Right here, right now. This is the moment, folks. If you're at all interested in fresh, perfect, and local--if you ever try your hand at cooking, or even if you open packages, combine them with other opened packages, and call it "home-cooked," now is the time to hit the Market and experience genuine food at its peak.

photo (18)

Put down the crappy, storebought tomato and make yourself a real Caprese salad.

photo (17)

This time of year, there is no excuse for sub-par food!

After running out of a friend's homemade jams and my mother-in-law's specialty strawberry freezer jam, we were reduced to trying various storebought varieties, with pretty mediocre results. (How can something look like apricot jam, be called apricot jam, cost like apricot jam, and still be so flavorless???) I'm happy to report that the local fruit came in, and we've restocked.

photo (22)

We're only waiting on the freestone peaches to hit before my husband puts by our winter-load of peach pies. The blueberries are done and frozen.

Corn, sausages to grill, potatoes and onions, cheese, fruit...all the fixings of a quintessential summer meal are waiting for you this week at the Market. Find yourself half an hour to drop by and find yourself in summer food heaven.