Sound the Retweet!

Just FYI, the following food information came through my Twitter account, which I'm happy to pass on here. You can also follow me on Twitter (CNDudley) for quick re-tweets of food- and market-related breaking news.

MasterChef the television show will be holding auditions in Kirkland, come January! This time you don't have to be a professional chef--home cooks welcome. If you don't feel your home cooking receives enough criticism, or if it's been your lifelong dream to be yelled at by Gordon Ramsey, don't miss this.

While recent studies have shown that fresh fish has a greater detrimental environmental impact than frozen, Loki Fish Company points out that the case doesn't hold true for those of us around the Puget Sound who have access to low-environmental-impact fresh-caught fish:

And finally, if you've not yet picked up your Christmas tree, King County has a list of Puget Sound Fresh tree-growers.

That's all for now!