Sweets to the Sweet


photo (13) My mom was in town visiting, which means, for all of us, a nonstop eating extravaganza. Food is our love language. And luckily she rolled into Bellevue on Market day, making a visit a top priority. Over the years we've tasted plenty of goodies at the Market, but I thought I'd highlight a few.

In addition to an entire Veraci pepperoni pizza, we got a few almond croissants from Aura Bakery.

photo (8)

My mom kept marveling about how enormous they were for $3.75, and I must say, after our trip to Maui, suddenly farmers market prices seem quite reasonable! Take, for example, the little pies at Adrienne's Cakes & Pies. On Maui, the equivalent would set you back an additional $1.75-3 per pie!

In addition to the almond croissants, my daughter picked out a pain au chocolat for a right-then snack from the dazzling array.

photo (9)

Then we happened by Island Treats and made the "mistake" of sampling the "Pretzel Things." Mm...pretzels and caramel robed in milk chocolate. Yep, we bought a bag.

photo (12)

My kids wolfed theirs down to prevent the chocolate from melting, but I managed to savor mine by putting it down between bites. With age comes wisdom.

Of course we bought two pints of strawberries. I love how the farmers grow several varieties, including these new earlier ones. It used to be we had to wait until June for strawberries, but not any more!

And, finally, I have to include this rhubarb:

photo (11)

Almost five years ago I posted a recipe for rhubarb cake. Even non-rhubarb-lovers love this Aunt Hazel's Rhubarb Cake, which I recently made again for a brunch. Since people ask for the recipe, I decided to link back to the original post. You need about five stalks to make the 13x9 cake. And it calls for 1/3 cup of nuts, but I would definitely up it to 1/2 cup next time I make it. Enjoy.