Thanksgiving Traffic, News, and Weather


If you're reading this post and considering when to head over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house, I'm reposting these handy charts from WSDOT: i90ewed

if you head to the Tri-Cities, for example, today (on Wednesday, after school or work), and


if you go Thanksgiving morning. What the DOT doesn't mention is the weather report for the passes:


Sorry for the eye chart there. The key details: lots of snow. As in, 100% on Thanksgiving Day. Therefore, you might trade traffic congestion for traffic congestion. I'm hoping the forecasters are wrong, like when they all freaked out about the Ginormous Windstorm to End All Windstorms that turned out to be less than your average stiff breeze.

In any case, pack snacks for the car, unless you want to arrive at your destination without the food you were supposed to contribute. And, speaking of contributions, my realtor Coco Fulton provided this year's pumpkin pie, thus checking one item off my to-do list. (I've replaced that to-do item with "replace tires," so we don't get stuck on the Pass. See above.)


So much for the traffic and weather. On the Thanksgiving news front, in addition to commuting some prison sentences, President Obama also pardoned this year's turkey. And we can work off our food comas by seeingĀ Moana, which opens today. There might be more news happening in the world, but thisĀ is supposed to be a Thanksgiving post...

Happy holiday and safe travels to all.