Two More Markets and a Bonus!

When Alexa told me this morning it was only 41F out, and today’s high would only struggle up to 58F, I broke down and turned on the furnace. Blah. But two bonus days of no furnace beat zero bonus days, right? (I can see all your heads nodding because, based on an informal poll of asking random people around me, I now draw the sweeping conclusion that, here in the greater Puget Sound, we don’t like to turn on the furnace until October 1. It could be blizzarding outside, but it the calendar says September 27, that furnace stays off.)

Don’t touch that dial…

Don’t touch that dial…

While we’re talking about bonus days, I have some bad news and good news. The bad news is, there are only two Market days left. Two more Markets where you can stock up on all that fresh produce and meat and goodies. I here provide a “Do You Have Enough?” list:

Do You Have Enough…?

  • honey

  • tuna

  • wine/beer

  • meat

  • berries (to freeze)

  • baked goods (to freeze!)

  • tomatoes (make soup or sauce and freeze, and one last pico de gallo)

Don’t forget to have your last pop or slice of pizza, as if you needed reminding… With the baseball playoff season upon us, I’m adding a bag of fresh tortilla chips and one of salted, roasted peanuts to my list.

And the good news? Well, after our two remaining Market days, there’s one last hoorah planned for Market-lovers. Happy Hour! You’ve supported the Market all season (or perhaps for multiple seasons), so why not join in for some drinks and Market-y hors d’oeuvres, accompanied by live music, hanging out with fun folks, and some casual opportunities to show financial support for this beloved community treasure? I’ve already invited a couple friends and look forward to a fun time on October 18, 5-7pm at Pearl Restaurant. Why not make it total evening out? Start with Market Happy Hour and then go catch A Star is Born or First Man at Lincoln Square?

Imagine what shared vision can accomplish

Imagine what shared vision can accomplish

Just like with popular movies, you’ll want to buy tickets ahead! Let’s see if together we can’t ensure our wonderful Market finds solid footing for many seasons to come.