2012 Reading List

My to-read pile is pretty huge. So huge it has spawned sub-piles, one of which I thought might interest Bellevue Farmers Marketgoers. I'd love to hear if anyone has read these or has opinions on them, or we can read them together over the coming months. In any case, I'll be posting reviews here and on Goodreads.

In no particular order:

1. Change Comes to Dinner: How Vertical Farmers, Urban Growers, and Other Innovators are Revolutionizing How America Eats by Katherine Gustafson. The author explores alternatives to the industrial food system, including a farm truck that picks up goods from local producers and brings them to urban locations, producer co-ops, food grown hydroponically in storage containers. So far, so interesting.

2. Year of Plenty by Craig Goodwin. A Spokane pastor and his family spend a year changing the way they approach food, going local, simple and greener. 


3. Wildly Affordable Organic: Eat Fabulous Food, Get Healthy, and Save the Planet--All on $5 a Day or Less by Linda Watson. Given my penchant for Thrifty Cooking, I'm looking forward to this one. Speaking of thrifty, we've just enjoyed Meals #9 and 10 from our Skagit Turkey (see "Lucky Thirteen" post for details): Turkey-Star Soup. It made a ton, and my 10YO son even said, of his own volition, "This is really good soup" (!!! These are the moments you live for!).

4. Closing the Food Gap: Resetting the Table in the Land of Plenty by Mark Winne. How can we prevent eating healthy and conscientiously from becoming a prerogative of the rich? 

As a foodie, a tightwad, and a wannabe good global citizen, you can see where these books fall in the sweet spot. Sometimes I just want to know I'm not the only person on the planet who wants to wring thirteen solid meals out of one organic, humanely-raised, local turkey.

Join me for a little reading?